As 2015 came to a close, we found ourselves admiring the best before-and-after projects of the year. Creative homeowners spiced up their kitchens, refreshed outdated living areas, and even gave the oft-forgotten garage a new lease on life. Scroll down to get inspired for your own home design resolutions this next year.

BEFORE: Boxed In


Cold, monochromatic walls, an unloved love seat, a general lack of storage, and a dearth of decor made this room a bust for the blogger at Hi Sugarplum.

AFTER: Artful and Open


Ceiling-to-floor rich navy shelving and a mahogany secretary add warmth and storage, while an overdyed floor rug and gold pendant light strike a playful contrast. Guests seated on the vivid blue chaise have a prime view of the room's focal point: a stunning abstract painting.

BEFORE: Shabby Shed


The blogger at Polished Habitat had a garage that was beginning to look like a hoarder's paradise—complete with cluttered rolling shelves and a barely-visible cement floor.

AFTER: Utilitarian Chic


When she couldn't take it anymore, she used a clearly defined storage area and workshop to maximize space and cure the clutter. The rolling shelves stand perpendicular to the wall, with tools and supplies neatly grouped and stored, while an inspiring decal above the slick, epoxy-coated floor guarantees style on every surface.

BEFORE: Vintage Vice


This combo living room– entryway that the DIYer at Vintage Revivals moved into initially took the shabby-chic mantra far too literally—its barren walls, industrial fan, worn sofas, and homely floral portrait practically cry out with gloom.

AFTER: Loft-Style Luxury


After a number of updates— including a luxe leather three-seater, geometric prints, and a statuesque cactus that stands tall against wall-to-wall brick—the room exudes an earthier, bohemian style. The dark floor and brick veneer are attractively balanced by the ivory-toned rug and a positively luminous pendant light.

BEFORE: Kitschy Diner


The yellowing cabinets and chintzy tile backsplash in this kitchen left the blogger at And Christina with a bitter taste...

AFTER: Light and Airy


...but a little paint goes a long way! The walls, ceilings, trim, and cabinets are rejuvenated with crisp milk-white paint and a new subway tile backsplash to match. A whitewashed maple floor brings an additional lightness to the space, while a vintage rug adds lived-in style.

BEFORE: Retro Regrets


This living room from Old Brand New had its roots in shotgun-style homes of the 1800s, but its dreary walls, nailed-shut window, and lack of color and texture were uninspired—in any century.

AFTER: In Living Color


Now, wide-open windows and pendant lighting illuminate fresh, airy white walls. An energizing orange entrance, lush greenery, and a rustic coffee table bring jazzed-up New Orleans style to a once colorless room. Photographs and other artwork liven the walls and nestle in the spaces of the shelving unit, while a couple of wool rugs carpet the room in comfort.

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