Snug readers love this look. By request, we've wrangled some of the best DIY kits to help you get the look without having to hire someone to build and install it.

There are a few ways to go at this project: You can pick up the hardware and build or find a door at a salvage yard. You can build the door from raw materials or pick up kit full of planks to build your own door. You can just buy a door slab. Even the barn-door hardware itself is available in a variety of styles. The possibilities are ENDLESS.

Basic Barn Door Hardware Kit

Barn door hardware kitVIA Off the Hinges

Pick up all the hardware you need to hang a bought or found door. Available in a variety of finishes, sizes, and for single or double doors. $185 VIA Off the Hinges

Antique Horseshoe Hardware Kit

VIA Amazon

This 12-foot double door set is $169.95 VIA Amazon.

Modern Stainless Hardware

Modern barn door styleVIA eBay

Achieve a clean, modern look with this steel finish. $69.95 for this 6.6-foot kit VIA eBay.

Now, on to doors...

SAVE: Natural Barn Door

DIY barn doorVIA Barn Doors Hardware

Parts come shipped as a kit with all necessary hardware. $268 VIA Barn Doors Hardware

SPLURGE: Rustic Alder Plank Door Kit

VIA Rejuvenation

If you've got a splurge in the bank, nothing beats the look of this breathtaking DIY dark-wood door. The kit includes pre-cut, notched boards and antiqued flathead screws. $849 VIA Rejuvenation. We also like this slightly more affordable horizontal plank door from Rejuvenation, too. If you're committed to investing in a flossy door, it worth exploring Rejuvenation's options.

Custom Handmade Door

custom barn door

Additionally, Etsy provides the option of having someone else make you a custom door for $300. These a la carte kits allow for a truly custom installation, but if you want a door-hardware combo kit to get the look without having to think too hard, check out

Combination Barn Door and Hardware Kits from Home Depot