You might have heard that pallets are poppin' when it comes to reclaimed DIY materials. A big draw is the $0 price tag, if you're lucky. But how can you make the score? We found this post VIA A Piece of Rainbow that really breaks down some little-known facts. Check it out:

Where can I find free pallets?

Before my first pallet project, I would DROOL over every pallet project on Pinterest, and wonder about the same question!

Then I realized they are everywhere, especially the places I visit often for my design work – tile and stone showrooms, masonry supply stores – places that sell boulders, rocks, pavers etc, and wood and carpet flooring stores. I also see them behind wine shops and grocery stores.

Garden nurseries, especially wholesale nurseries, often have pallets too. Just make sure they look clean and have no signs of sprays!

When you see a stack of pallets outside these places, just ask nicely whether they plan to reuse them or just discard them. And the answer I get every time is " You want them? They are all yours!" Yay! Not so hard, right?

What to look for when selecting pallets?

Not all pallets are made equal. First thing to look for is the HT stamp, which means the pallets are heat treated vs chemical treated. So far all the pallets I have seen are HT pallets. They seem to be the majority which is nice.

Next, look closely at the boards – are they cracked, or warped? If yes, they would be very challenging to work with, so don't waste all that time and sweat dragging it home and taking it apart, move on!
Also pay attention and check if anything has spilled on them. If it looks contaminated, move on!!

Read more including how to prep pallet wood for your projects + more VIA A Piece of Rainbow!

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