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1. Mason Jars - Michaels Craft Store (Any Size)
2. Hammer
3. Line Up Punch (1/8") - Canadian Tire/Hardware Store ($8) *the line up punch is WAY cheaper than a drill if you don't have one available to you! I also have no idea what its intended use is LOL but it worked wonders for me using just a hammer! yay for improvising*
4. Assorted Size Faucet Stem Rings - Hardware Store (In Plumbing Section $2)
5. Glue Gun
6. Spray Paint - Hardware/Craft Store
7. Washi Tape: http://www.cutetape.com

SONG: Calgary Bowery Grime Remix

SHIRT: shoppriceless.com

1. Wash by hand.
2. A clear coat on the spray painted jars (especially the jar with a glue pattern) will help prolong the quality (but spray paint is heavy duty permanent!).
3. Sealing your washing tape is an option.
4. When applying the washi tape, make sure there are no air bubbles when applying it to the glass jar.

By Tabitha Naomi
13 December 2014

See what we did there? Ball mason jars...ball-er...ok, ok moving on.


Here's what you'll need to make this:

  • 14 pint-size jars (Ball Heritage blue pint jar, about $23.99 for a set of six.)
  • two stainless-steel canning racks wired together
  • lengths of chain attached to the top rack with four evenly spaced link connectors


To hang, secure an eye hook into a support beam overhead, add some heavy-duty chain, and attach the chandelier's chains with a sturdy hook. Place remote-control LED votives inside the upside-down jar lids, twist on the glass jars, and position on the racks. Now you've got ambience—at the touch of a button.

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Repel Mosquitoes with This Mason Jar Hack

By Tabitha Naomi
16 May

Pen N' Paper Flowers

Mason jar lovers and bibliophiles unite! Combine your love of books, mason jars, AND pumpkins with this absolutely GORGEOUS DIY.


Here's what you'll need:

  • approximately 25 mason jar bands
  • string
  • spray paint
  • vintage paper
  • hot glue gun
  • cinnamon sticks
  • "leaves" (cut from brown baking/cupcake liners)


Get the full how-to VIA Pen N' Paper Flowers.

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freshen up your home with a non-toxic mason jar DIY

easy mason jar herb garden

how to tint your mason jars

By Vanessa Velez
09 September 2015
See what we did there? Ball mason jars...ball-er...ok, ok moving on. Here's what you'll need to make this chandy: 14 pint-size jars (Ball Heritage blue pint jar, about $23.99 for a set of six.)two stainless-steel canning racks wired togetherlengths of chain attached to the top rack with four eve...
By TabithaSukhai
04 July 2015
Mason jar rope lamp ($128) VIA Etsy/ Luke Lamp CoMason jar pendantHow-to VIA Organize Your Stuff NowMason jar chandelierHow-to VIA Nest of BlissSolar mason jar lighting VIA Etsy/BootsNGusRELATED: How to Make Your Own Mason Jar Solar LightsBath vanity mason jar lightHow-to VIA Blesser HouseMore ideas...
By The Snug
01 December 2015


They say that when you meet THE ONE, it seems like the world stops and you can't imagine how you have survived without said ONE for so long. That's exactly how I feel about mason jars. So, it is only natural that if I ever decide to take the plunge and say "I do," there will be puh-lenty of mason jars at my wedding. Here are just a few of the ways I will incorporate them everywhere.

Wedding Emergency Kit


Because if you're anything like me, anything that CAN go wrong at your wedding WILL go wrong. VIA the knot.



These easy to make centerpieces will add a whimsical touch to any wedding! VIA Pretty Wedding

More Centerpieces


Grouped together, these mason jar floating candles are sure to add a romantic touch. VIA Emmaline Bride


OR you can pair them up with florals. VIA Wedding Chicks

For your dranks


Umm guys, this one is amazing. Not only do these substitute place cards, they ensure your drunken happy guests don't lose their drinks AND they can take them home! VIA Colin Cowie Weddings



And THIS. It's PIE. In a JAR. I mean, I think this speaks for itself. Check out the recipe VIA Rustic Wedding Chic

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Shipping Pallet DIY Projects

7 Amazing Mason Jar Gift Ideas

By Vanessa Velez
27 March 2015


On a budget this year? Join the club! If you're planning on DIY-ing as many gifts as possible, these pastel painted jars are perfect for the jar-lover on your Christmas list.

Here's what you need to get started:

  • acrylic paints
  • glass jars: pasta jars, a frappuccino jar, mason jars
  • wax paper
  • flowers


Head over to Framed Frosting for the full how-to!

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this DIY marquee is made from (wait for it) mason jars

DIY gift candles bc who doesn't love candles?

By Vanessa Velez
09 December 2015

Once you try a mosaic DIY, you want to mosaic EVERYTHING. So it's no surprise that there is a tutorial out there for creating a mosaic mason jar. And we wouldn't be doing our job if we didn't bring it to you :)


This is a pretty simple one. To avoid burning your fingers (multiple times), pick up a quick drying glue at your local craft store and layer the pieces one section at a time before gluing them down.


Once finished, place a candle inside and enjoy your new summer lighting!

Get the full how-to VIA Mason Jar Crafts Love. Can't get enough of the mason jars?

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5 mason jar lighting ideas

Glitter dipped mason jars

How to decorate with mason jars

By Vanessa Velez
08 May 2015

Lately we've had some great posts about mason jar lighting (like here and here). And you can't forget the cute Mason Jar Storage Solution. Recently I spotted this great idea; why get new light fixtures when you can easily update them with mason jars? Check it out after the jump. VIA Apartment Therapy


Not sure this will fit in your fixture? Many light fixtures use screws to tighten the fit of the shade, so even if a mason jar isn't the perfect fit the screws can make it a little bit snugger.

Get the full how-to VIA Apartment Therapy


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By The Snug
20 February 2015

Tiki torches not your thing? Here's a more charming approach VIA Raised in Cotton.


All you need is a jar with a lid, a cotton wick and some lamp oil. I made a hole in the top of the zinc lid with a nail and pulled the cotton wick up through the opening. Then I filled 2/3 of the jar with lamp oil and secured the lid. I let the jar sit for about one hour before lighting so the oil would soak up into the wick. You only need about 1/4" of wick sticking out of the top to light.

In fact, they walk you through how to create all of the repurposed items in this vignette. Read more VIA Raised in Cotton.

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Mason jar toothbrush holder

5 mason jar lighting ideas bc drool

By TabithaSukhai
08 July 2015

The Seasoned Mom

Mason jars are perfect for every aspect of life, including lunch on the go. No more fussing about what you should take for lunch because these can be prepared in advance for the entire week. So hit snooze a few times without compromising a healthy and delicious lunch.

Here's how to make the perfect ratio of salad ingredients for your salads!

(image)The Two Bite Club

Get the full how-to VIA The Two Bite Club

Also try these DIY mason jar salads!

Greek Zucchini Salad

(image)Amanda Meixner via The Beach Body Blog

Get the full how-to VIA The Beach Body Blog

Apple Cranberry Almond Salad

(image)Iowa Girl Eats

Get the full how-to VIA Iowa Girl Eats

Chicken Taco Salad

(image)The Seasoned Mom

Get the full how-to VIA The Seasoned Mom

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By Lauren Anzevino
27 June

The ultimate DIY holiday gift!


Here's what you'l need to get started:

  • 2ft square piece of 1/2" plywood
  • 11 quilted canning jars and rims (you may need more or less depending on your letter)
  • 1/2 wood screws
  • white paint
  • blue painters tape
  • power drill with a 3/4" bit
  • 1 string of outdoor lights
  • 1 nail and hammer
  • measuring tape
Now, get the full how-to VIA Oleander + Palm! (It's much easier than you probably think!)

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Steal These Ideas for Your Dorm Room (Including an Easy DIY Marquee!)

Be a Ball-er With This Mason Jar Chandy

By TabithaSukhai
07 July 2015
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